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Hfuhruhurr is a male extraterrestrial comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.




It was said that he was engaging in the holy purposes of the Union on his homeworld when he was driven from it. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

He was known by the title of the Wordbringer on account that he brought the Word to the Unenlightened. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1)

Hfuhruhurr was a believer in the Union which held that life as it was known was unnatural state as the body separated the mind from the union of divinity. Thus, it held that within bodies of flesh an individual was cut off from the glory leaving them alone and vulnerable. To rectify this, he sought to merge the minds of all infidels into the Great All by separating the brains and placing them within a machine. Hfuhruhurr believed it was his calling to remedy the unnatural state of existence by forcing people to accept the Union. He found all those that were not part of the Union as being infidels who had to be converted or destroyed. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1)

Due to his alien thought processes, he was described as an insane being capable of black-hearted horror and great evil. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1)

Powers and abilities

Through his power, he was able to make use of telekinetic abilities that were devastating in close range such as applying pressure to the heart of an opponent to render them immobile. Alternatively, he cold exert powerful telekinetic energy sending his opponents falling back in an attempt to crush them with even superhumans being vulnerable to such an attack. He could use it to generate telekinetic shields to protect himself from harm. Hfuhruhurr was able to generate a hypnotic trance to get scores of others to follow his commands. This power could be augmented by the Union that greatly enhanced their effect. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1)

He had knowledge to separate the brains of organic beings and place them in a machine as part of the Union. Once inside, the brains were linked together where they provided him great power with the more people added into the system adding to his power. Hruhruhurr claimed that initially neolytes resisted the Union at first but once that phase had passed then they adjusted to their new state of grace thus improving the efficiency of the system. The brains lacked vocal cords to speak but communicated through telepathy where some wanted freedom offered by death to escape this state of existence. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1)

Once their brains were acquired, their bodies were no longer needed but Hruhruhurr made use of them for his purposes. He merged the corpses to create a mindless green-skinned protoplasmic mass of slime with tentacles referred to as a manifestation of his power and subject to his commands. Thus, it was animated to serve him and he used bodies to achieve this as he did not have the ability to create raw matter which was why he used resources available to him from the corpses. He reasoned that once part of the Union that the new adherents no longer had a need for physical fleshy vessels that was repurposed for other tasks. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1)


  • Hfuhruhurr was created by Jim Starlin and Dan Jurgens where he made his first appearance in Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #1 (1987)


  • Adventures of Superman v1:

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