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Hisoka Morow is a male villain that features in Hunter x Hunter.



Hisoka Morow (ヒソカ モロウ, Hisoka Morou)

As a child, he was known to enjoy a particular brand of chewing gum called Bungee Gum.

Two years ago, he fought Kastro at the Heavens Arena with his opponent scoring a knockdown thus earning him three points. Kastro was the only person to do this against Morow but he was ultimately defeated. In the aftermath, Kastro began to train intensively to improve his Nen as he sought to challenge Hisoka in the arena again in the future. At some point, he met a member of the Phantom Troupe who was fourth in their ranks based on their spider tattoo with Hisoka fighting and killing him. As a result, he replaced that individual in the ranks of the group though he only used a fake tattoo when he needed it. Ultimately, he intended to use the position in order to fight and kill the Troupe's leader Chrollo Lucilfer as Morow was intrigued at fighting such a powerful opponent. Despite numerous attempts, he was never able to challenge Lucilfer as he was never alone and had other members of the Troupe with him before disappearing for years.

He later attended the gathering of the Phantom Troupe where he heard the orders of their leader Chrollo Lucilfer.

At Yorknew City, he secretly met with Kurapika in order to discuss forming a kind of alliance against the Phantom Troupe. Hisoka stated that he had no intention of fighting side by side but rather wanted Kurapika to take out the rest of their ranks whilst Morow could target their leader.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Hisoka was tall and had light skin with a toned stature. His face was adorned with white paint; with a star located on his right cheek and a teardrop on the left one making him resemble a jester. He was typically wearing various suit symbols on the front and back torso. Morow was also known to others as Hisoka the Magician.

He was noted for being mysterious with Hisoka never talking about his past as it did not interest him. Hisoka was said to not belong to anything or anyone with him being his own man because he was absolutely convinced that he was the most powerful. Hisoka was extremely confident in his own abilities. Along with his confidence, he was entirely self-interested and does what he pleases as long as it benefits him in some way. Hisoka temporarily joined the Phantom Troupe, a group of vagabonds that partake in criminal activities, so he can have the chance to fight against the group's leader.

Such was his fixation in fighting powerful opponents that he joined the Phantom Troupe in order to kill their leader.

Powers and abilities

He was skilled enough to hit a person in the jaw with enough force to disorient them and prevent them from fighting effectively.

As a Nen user, he had a number of unique abilities that he could manifest through the control of his aura. Hisoka uses two versatile Hatsu, both in and out of combat. He had developed his Nen type into Transmutation allowing him to change the type or properties of his aura with this matching his personality type. He manifested his Nen into a unique power that was known as Bungee Gum (伸縮自在の愛バンジーガム Elastic Love) that made his aura take on a sticky elastic pink form that resembled bubble-gum but was much stronger. This was extremely durable and elastic that could be stretched or contracted depending on his will. It can be used to pull opponents within punching range for a flurry of rebound pummels. Bungee Gum can both stretch and contract, depending on what Hisoka desires. It can be attached either by pointing at his target or through direct physical contact. It could be used to stretch in front of him to serve as a barrier against projectile weapons that he could use the Bungee Gum to redirect back at his attacker. Alternatively, he could stretch it into strands to connect it to objects allowing him to bring objects to him. In one case, he attached it to hand that was severed where he used the Nen power to re-attach it to his arm allowing him to still use it. He could also use it to control the movements of his foe such as by sending a Bungee Gum strand to attach itself to his foe and then pull them to him. The gum was said to not release unless Hisoka commanded it to do so. Through this ability, Hisoka could connect it to up to ten people, one on each finger, and use it to control their movements like a puppet. Usually, it involves forcing them to perform group dance numbers for his (and the audience's) amusement. Hisoka's Bungee Gum cannot be seen unless his opponent uses Gyo. However, even if an opponent uses Gyo, it is still almost impossible to avoid, as Hisoka can simply attach Bungee Gum while hitting his opponent. Bungee Gum had a limit in that it could only stretch over a 10 meter distance.

Another of his Nen ability's was called Flimsy Lies - Texture Surprise (薄っぺらな嘘ドッキリテクスチャー Dokkiri Tekusuchā) that allowed him to reproduce the texture of his choice on any flat surface. With this power, he could make a handkerchief appear to be skin to disguise wounds or replicate a tattoo on his body. This operated by applying his aura to any thin surface (such as paper or cloth) and change its appearance. This ability is impossible to detect visually without an ability such as Gyo, however, if any physical contact is made, the deception becomes obvious. Hisoka named this ability after a brand of candy that contained a surprise. After his fight with Kastro in Heaven's Arena, it is revealed that the spider tattoo on Hisoka's back was a fake, made out of cloth. In Yorknew City, Hisoka also changed the words on the prediction written for him by Chrollo's stolen Lovely Ghostwriter ability. This was in order to fool the Phantom Troupe into thinking that he had been forced to betray the Troupe's abilities by Kurapika's Judgment Chain. He did a similar thing on Greed Island to his Book, in order to fool Gon and Killua into thinking that he had not met any Troupe members there.

Morow made use of playing cards as his weapons of choice with these being sharp enough to cut people which he used in close quarters or to throw at people. These cards were a set of ordinary French playing cards that had white borders with a checkered pattern composed of small, light and dark fuchsia squares.


  • Hisoka Morow was a character that appeared in Hunter x Hunter.


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