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Horologues are demons that feature in Chronos Ruler.



Horologue (計, Kei) were a race of time demons that existed in the universe. A long time ago, they populated the cosmos where they were attacked by the god of time Chronos who sought to eliminate them in order to stabilise the timeline. Ultimately, he was able to defeat them thus putting an end to the war but despite his victory a small number of Horologues managed to survive. These came to Earth where they began to prey on humans and some even managed to take human form.


These creatures were noted to feast on the time and lifespan of human beings. This could see a person's time being consumed to the point that they physically regressed in age until they disappeared from existence. The more time they consumed the larger and stronger the creatures came to be in the world. It was revealed that typically Hororlogues were feral creatures that were single minded in preying on humans with them absorbing some of the personality of their quarry. In time, they came to be more intelligent where in time the understood human speech and even became smart enough to speak.

On the surface, they appeared to grant the wishes of people that wanted a return to their past.


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  • Horologues were created by Jea Pon which featured in the setting of Chronos Ruler.


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