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A Human Performance Enhancer is a chemical substance that features in Spider-man.



The technology was created by Oscorp's chairman Norman Osborn after the project was commissioned by the U.S. Army. After this was seen, General Slocum decided to terminate the project and reallocate the funds to another military project that was constructing exo-suit technology in a rival corporation. In desperation, Norman decided to begin Human testing on himself through the use of a performance enhancer cylinder number: CX. 00009. The cylnders contents were shunted into a gas chamber and appeared as a green steam which was absorbed into the body. This, however, had the immediate affect of developing a split personality within Osborn as well as give him both super strength and intelligence. After killing the lead scientist, Dr. Stromm, the Green Goblin persona remained hidden within Osborn's psyche.


The use of a performance enhancer greatly increases the strength and the intelligence of the user. The technology was untested and demonstration was conducted on lab animals. Tests were conducted on rodents which demonstrated that their body force increased by 800% though the test subjects suffered from insanity.


  • Norman Osborn :


  • The Human Performance Enhancers seemingly replace the Goblin Formula in the live-action movie.


  • Spider-Man:

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