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Steve Humphreys was the head of security for Schiff-Immergut Lumber. Armed with a rifle, he opted to personally accompany Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of the FBI alongside Federal Forest Service ranger Larry Moore to look for the missing loggers and rangers in the Olympic National Forest. Humphreys suspected it was the work of eco-terrorists (in particular Doug Spinney and Steven Teague) and ignored any and all evidence to the contrary even when Mulder, Scully and Moore found Teague's corpse cocooned in a tree and Spinney himself denied having harmed the loggers. Determined to prove himself right, Humphreys (foolishly) left the group and hiked down to where Larry Moore's truck was with the intention of getting on the radio and summoning authorities more inclined to side with him and not Spinney and the FBI agents. Instead, he was attacked and killed by a swarm of glowing green insects at night, which cocooned him inside the truck and drained all his vital fluids.

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