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Hunter Association.

The Hunter Association is an organization that features in Hunter x Hunter.



The Hunters Association was an organization consisted of skilled hunters. At some point, they had discovered the existence of Nen and kept knowledge of it a secret from the public but it became a vital element in completing the examination to join the Association.

Within the NGL territories, a new disaster was unveiling with the rapid evolution of the Chimera Ants who had begun to consume humans and develop similar characteristics as their prey. In time, they began to develop the use of Nen after exposure to Hunters that were investigating the area. This resulted in Chairman Netero and two of his lieutenants being dispatched as it was deemed only strong Hunters confront this prey as weaker ones would simply empower them further. The Association managed to capture 319 Chimera Ants operating outside the NGL territories though none were Squadron Leaders. Intelligence revealed that there were 8 Squadron Leaders still active who were noted for being aggressive with them still being free.

During the crisis, the assistant chairman hoped to use the failure of the chairman in stopping the Chimera Ants as part of a political movie to replace him.

After the death of the Chimera Ant King, the Association were placed in charge of clearing up the events at the East Republic of Gorteau and NGL territory. As the public were not aware of the conflict, the organization sought to ensure that the remaining Ants that became peaceful were not targeted by having them re-classified as Magical Beasts. Following his death, a video from Netero was shown to the media stating that he was retiring. It was said that members of the public were not aware of his death except for the keen eyed that noted that the recording was his will. With the Chairman's demise, the Zodiac gathered at the Hunters Association Headquarters in order to decide on Netero's replacement. Initially, the Vice-Chairman sought to claim leadership but it was decided that a vote would be conducted by all Hunter members of the Association to select the new Chairman.

One of the group that formed in the Association was the anti-Chairman faction.


Hunter Commandments.

Among their people, it was deemed that there were only hunters and their prey. However, they were reminded that such conditions could change with the hunter themselves becoming the prey if they underestimated their target.

Their duties ranged from hunting beasts to hunting men and even hunting rogue hunters. As such, there were many different specialties of hunters that included:

  • Gourmet Hunters : such hunters were specialised in finding animals or plants that could be used to create exquisite food that they cooked themselves as works of art to be consumed by others.
  • Blacklist Hunters : these hunters were dispatched to apprehend or kill dangerous individuals posted as bounties.

Hunters with a license were capable of killing without worrying about getting arrested. Upon gaining a license, a Hunter could not retake the exam whereupon they could do anything with it as they could keep it, destroy it or sell it. The license allowed a Hunter to enter 90% of countries that limited immigration and access to 75% of restricted areas in the world. Furthermore, the cards allowed a Hunter to use 95% of public facilities with absolutely no costs. Banks treated license holders as they were a top rated company. Licenses could be sold where they allowed a person to live with enough money for seven lifetimes. Alternatively, a Hunter could keep it for a guaranteed life of comfort. Though it could be sold, the license was of no practical use to anyone else. Professional Hunters were treated quite well with there being no end of applicants with the worst of intentions. It was this reason that the Hunter Association used strict criteria in recruitment to prevent those with bad intentions from becoming Hunters. Most professional Hunters valued the paper license card even above their own lives though in reality it was meaningless for the life of a Hunter. The Association did not replace lost, stolen or sold with it advised that they take care of them. It was estimated that 1-5 Hunters lost their license in their first year.

Professional Hunters were able to access the Association's internet database allowing them to look through a wealth of information available. This allowed them to research a particular topic area or find out the location of restricted information such as bookings made by people or assets owned by a wealthy family.

Members of the Association were divided into a numerous star rating that included:

  • Single Star (1 Star) Hunters : an award given to Hunters that had made a significant contribution towards society in a single field.
  • Double Star (2 Star) Hunters : awarded to Hunters that had significant contributions to society in multiple fields.
  • Triple Star (3 Star) Hunters : this was the highest award given to those that committed some great historical deed or global event with only 10 Hunters achieving this status due to it being a rare and difficult achievement.

Alongside the Chairman were twelve elite Hunters that were recognized by Netero for their skills with these working alongside him. These individuals were known as the Zodiac that on occasion acted as counselors and managed the Association in times of emergency. The Zodiac also operated as sparring partners and had aligned their appearances after the Chinese Zodiac in honor of Netero.

One of the bodies in the Association was the Review Board that also decided assignments.

A key element within recruitment was the Hunter Exam (ハンター試験, Hantā Shiken) that was an yearly event that determined candidates that were worthy of being selected to be trained as Hunters. Navigators served a role in the process as applicants were required to find them in order to lead them to the exam site. The reason for his was because the location of the exam changed every year with the stages of the exam itself making it impossible to find. Another group within the process were the Examiners who were elite hunters that examined the progress of the applicants and did so without pay. Similar to the exam sites, the examiners changed every year with each assigning the examinees a different task. Attack an examiner was grounds for immediate disqualification from the Hunter Exam. Each different exam area contained a different examiner who gave a different kind of test to the applicants. Those applicants that failed were unable to continue with the exam but could re-apply next year with there being no limit to the number of attempts made to complete the process. Failure was only a single outcome as applicants were capable of dying during the tests such as being killed by other participants or dying at the hands of the many beasts that inhabited the exam sites. As such, whilst several hundred applicants could take part in an exam, the testing process could see only a few passing with many either failing, dropping out or dying. The exam had a physical and mental training component but there was a hidden second element to the test. This involved the participants that passed to actually discover and learn to use Nen. Successful completion of the task led to them officially completing their Hunter training.

All members of the Association followed the rules set out in the ten articles of the Hunter Bylaws that stated:

  • Hunters must always be on the hunt for something.
  • Hunters must have a minimal understanding of martial arts and learn Nen.
  • Once a Hunter was licensed then it cannot be revoked for any reason though a license will not be reissued for any reason.
  • Hunters shall not target other Hunters unless they committed heinous crimes.
  • One star was given to a Hunter who produced remarkable achievements in a particular field.
  • Two stars were given to a Hunter who fulfilled the Five Articles, held an official position and mentored a junior Hunter that was awarded a star.
  • Three stars were given to a Hunter who fulfilled the Six Articles and produced remarkable achievements in multiple fields.
  • The chief executive of the Hunter Association must earn the confidence of a majority of his colleagues. When the position of chairman was vacated, the vote to elect the next chairman must be conducted at once, and deputy power was given to the vice-chairman in the meantime.
  • The authority to decide on a method to select new members was given to the chairman. However, to significantly change the existing methods requires the confidence of a majority of colleagues.
  • Any matter not mentioned here will be decided in a cabinet consisting of the chairman, vice-chairman and staff advisers. The chairman had the authority to select the vice-chairman and staff.

They operated large their own airships that they could use for quick transportation to their various sites.


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  • The Hunter Association was created by Yoshihiro Togashi and featured in the setting of Hunter x Hunter.


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