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The Huntress.

The Huntress was originally Helena Bertinelli, daughter of crime boss Franco Bertinelli. At a young age, she saw her father and mother killed by Steven Mandragora, a former employee of Franco who turned on him. Determined to get revenge, she trained for years and became the Huntress, hunting for Mandragora so she could kill him. She was recruited to join the Justice League, but disobeyed the Martian Manhunter's orders to give up her plan for revenge. Eventually coming close to killing Mandragora- who was saved only by a tip-off from the Manhunter himself- she was fired from the Justice League. Recruiting the Question to help find Mandragora, she eventually came close to killing him- only to relent for the sake of Mandragora's son Edgar.

The Huntress became attracted to the Question after those events- which he participated in for her sake- and the two entered something of a relationship, often working together in the Question's search for information on Cadmus. When the Question was captured by Cadmus, she was instrumental in rescuing him. She also participated in the battle against the Ultimen when they attacked the Watchtower.

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