Hydra (Mighty Max)

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At the Earth's geographical center stands Hydra, the last of the Titans - a gigantic two-headed dragon who maintains the balance between good and evil. Each head representing either good or evil, Hydra eternally debates whether good or evil should triumph. The debate is interrupted when Skullmaster uses the Lemurian Arcana to tip the balance towards evil, granting the evil side of Hydra total control. As Skullmaster celebrates his "inevitable" triumph, his ambitious henchman Warmonger plots to sabotage his plan and destroy the sorceror. In the end, Max was able to overpower not the Head of Evil but the Head of Good, freeing Hydra from Skullmaster's control.


In the toy series, Hydra was known as "Double Demon". However, the toy's name was changed to Hydra to reflect the character from the TV series.

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