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The Hyperion were an alien species who featured in the Men in Black: The Series.


The Hyperions were an ancient and mysterious race who were noted as living on the edge of the galaxy. Their enigmatic nature meant that little beyond their name and appearance was known to the Men in Black. A member of an alien race who lived on Earth noted that he saw the brutal species wipe out an entire city of his people on his home world at one point.

An advance scout of the species was dispatched to Earth thousands of years ago during the time of the Egyptian rule in the Old Kingdom.


A member of the race were humanoids in appearance with a light bluish skin. They were stronger then a Human and easily able to lift a car with little apparent struggle. Furthermore, their limbs had a certain amount of elasiticity allowing them to stretch them to grab objects or enemies.

They were noted to be highly aggressive and expansionist. Their empire was led by the King who held absolute dominion over the race.

Hyperion technology was highly advanced and appeared similar to Egyptian architecture. They also possessed interstellar gateway technology allowing people to travel from one world to a distant with in the blink of an eye. It was noted that it had the capacity of allowing people to move across 23,000 light years in less then ten seconds. The only way to destroy a gateway was by blowing it up from both ends.

One of their most treasured artifacts was the Sceptre of Solkarion.


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