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Hypnocil is a drug that features in the A Nightmare on Elm Street universe.



Hypnocil was a new drug developed by the pharmicists and doctors at Springwood to combat the menace of Freddy Krueger. The compound was used as a countermeasure against the superatural killer and prevented people from dreaming when they fell asleep thus allowing them to avoid entering Kruegers manipulations. This combined with the complete erasure of Krueger's history in the town allowed it to return to obscurity as well as repopulate it without suffering from anymore attacks from the demonic killer.

The drug was experimental and not approved by the FDA with overdoses putting patients into irreversible comas.


Its mechanism was similar to that of anti-epileptic drugs except that it works during sleep time only preventing the REM phase of sleep.


  • In the first script for the third Nightmare on Elm Street film written by Wes Craven and Bruce Wagner, it was spelled "Hypnocyl." In this script it was also supposed to be effective in treating manifestations of psychotic disorders and night terrors.
  • As revealed in deleted scenes from Freddy vs. Jason and in the film's novelization Hypnocil can cause nervousness and even prolonged coma if taken in heavier than recommended doses.


  • Freddy vs. Jason:

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