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The Icarus Project is an initiative that features in Sunshine.



The Icarus Project was developed by the Earth governments after it was discovered in 2057 that the Sun was dying. Its effects were slow and leading to widespread cooling on Earth and would eventually lead to the planet being frozen due to the lack of heat. Without the means to leave the planet or any habitable planets to colonize, the people of Earth banded together to find a means of restarting the Sun. This would become the Icarus Project which sought to send a ship into the Sun and create a star within the star thus reversing the widespread cooling on the Earth. To accomplish this, massive resources were poured together into creating a large vessel that would deliver a stellar bomb to jumpstart the reactions within the Sun and igniting a new star. This would be the Icarus I which disappeared seven years ago on its journey due to unknown reasons.

With the failure of the first mission, a desperate last attempt was made to reingnite the star. The act resulted in the mining of all fissile materials on Earth which meant that there would be insufficient resources for another mission. As such, the Icarus II was launched in a desperate last chance to start the restart the Sun. During the mission when the ship passed Mercury, the vessel learnt of the abandoned remnants of the Icarus I. The ship had somehow survived but its crew were dead and the Icarus II sought to use the first ship as a backup in case their attempt failed. However, during the course of events, numerous crew members were killed due to numerous accidents. It was also discovered that a crewman of Icarus I had survived the expedition but suffered damage that led to his skin being burnt by the rays of the sun. This also led to him being driven insane and his actions led to the failure of the first mission. The crew of the Icarus II were not aware of this and did not notice him boarding their ship where he went about a rampage to kill the crew of the second mission.

Ultimately, the Icarus Project was successful but led to the death of all the crew due to the death of Icarus I crewman Pinbacker. Its actions led to the restart of Earth's Sun with its effects being immediately apparent as it began shining brightly and allowed the Human race to continue to survive on their homeworld.


The Icarus were a series of two space craft developed by the Human race. The design was that of a large vessel which was umbrella shaped and capable of sublight space travel. Due to the nature of its destination, the Icarus required a powerful heat shield to withstand the intense rays of the sun. To compensate for this, an elaborate cooling system was developed to help maintain the ships temperatures and prevent excessive heating of the components. However, this was a delicate process as the malfunction of a single solar panel would lead to the suns rays entering the ship and dealing a great deal of damage to the internal systems.

The payload of the Icarus Project were stellar bombs that contained a great amount of fissile material that was strong enough to restart the reactions within a sun. The sheer amount of material required to make the bomb meant that it was the size of Manhattan Island and took great amount of resources to create - the second attempt meant that all nuclear material was used up to create the bomb for the Icarus Project thus exhausting any attempts to make another one. The warhead itself was located in the front umbrella shaped part of the vessel which was a massive chamber with a large cube shaped construct which contained the numerous nuclear warheads.

Other components within the ship included a oxygen garden with numerous plans present with the garden providing a vital element to the continued life support of the ship. A complex computer program was also present which the crews were capable of interacting with through small communicators worn on personnel.


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