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The Ice Warriors are a reptilian species from Doctor Who.



The Ice Warriors were the indigenous native inhabitants of the planet Mars. (Episode: Empress of Mars) Mars was noted for being the jewel of the solar system thousands of years ago. (Episode: Cold War)

Mars was later engulfed in a brutal civil war causing many of the Ice Warriors going into hibernation. (Episode: Empress of Mars) Around 5,000 years ago, the great Grand Marshal Skaldak crashed on Earth's North Pole and was frozen in the ice for thousands of years. (Episode: Cold War) By the 19th century, Mars atmosphere had evaporated to the point that it could no longer sustain Ice Warrior life. (Episode: Empress of Mars)


Grand Marshal Skaldak showing his face.

In appearance, they were a race of green skinned reptilians with red eyes. Typically, they were seen wearing large bulky suits of armour that could open for them. (Episode: Cold War) Ice Warriors were believed to hold a far greater fluid content than human beings. (Episode: The Ice Warriors) It was said that their vulnerability to extreme heat was not a biological trait but rather a flaw in their survival armour that could not cope with sudden increases in temperature that were not fixed. (Episode: Cold War) In Earth-like environments, the differences in atmosphere and gravity caused the Ice Warriors to perpetually wheeze or move slowly. (Episode: The Seeds of Death) When speaking, they were shown to do so in a drawn-out hiss. (Episode: The Ice Warriors)

A further class of Martian were the Ice Queens that were elaborate more streamlined armour. (Episode: Empress of Mars)

They were noted for being a proud people with it being held as their duty to command. It was said that hives of their kind would do anything to defend their world. As a race, they followed the way of the warrior with them considering that death in battle being honourable. (Episode: Empress of Mars) Their people had a strong sense of personal honour with those whose life were saved by another feeling obligated to aid their rescuer. (Episode: The Curse of Peladon) It was considered incredibly dishonourable to remove their armour with this only being done so in the most extreme of circumstances. (Episode: Cold War) As a race of warriors, they were trained to kill. (Episode: The Ice Warriors) Other races were able to get the respect of the Ice Warriors with some being anointed as an Honorary Guardian of a Hive. (Doctor Who: Empress of Mars)

Ice Warriors society was divided into hives such as the Tythonian Hive. (Doctor Who: Empress of Mars) Their society was divided into a caste structure that included the Tharseesian Caste. (Episode: Cold War) Their people made use of tombs whereby sarcophagi were used to house the deceased. These solid caskets were often part of a complex hive system with the sarcophagus decorated with jewels. (Episode: Empress of Mars)

As a people, their civilization was compared to the Vikings of Earth. They were capable of great contrasts with them able to build cities beneath the sand yet stain the lands with blood yet cry at the falling of the petals from a rose. (Episode: Empress of Mars) An Ice Warrior motto was, "Attack one of us, attack all of us". (Episode: Cold War)


It was said that the indigenous Martians were superb engineers. (Episode: The Empress of Mars)

They wore complex bio-mechanical armour for protection with the creature inside being at one with it. (Episode: Empress of Mars) It was said that their armour and helmet was reminiscent of Earths Vikibgs. (Episode: The Ice Warriors) The fingers on the armour where able to extrude long cables that could connect to machinery allowing the Ice Warrior to take over equipment and technology for their purposes. (Episode: Cold War) Their armours headpieces were noted for being sophisticated space helmets. (Episode: The Ice Warriors)

Hibernation systems that could sustain entire hives of Ice Warriors. (Episode: Empress of Mars)

Their vessels were armed with weapons that included artillery cannons. (Episode: The Empress of Mars)


  • Skaldak : a male Grand Marshal who was the greatest hero the proud Martian race had produced with him being the sovereign of the Tharseesian caste and the vanquisher of the Phobos Heresy. Thousands of years ago, he commanded the Nix-Thassis fleet with his daughter and was so respected by his foes that they carved his name on their flesh before they died. Around 3,000 BC, he crash landed on Earth's North Pole where he was frozen in the ice until awoken in 1983. (Episode: Cold War)
  • Iraxxa : a female Ice Queen who ruled a hive on Mars but was forced to enter into hibernation for five thousand years until the 19th century. (Episode: Empress of Mars)
  • Friday : a male Ice Warrior who served as a sentinel to Ice Queen Iraxxa who was in hibernation though he crashed on Earth during the 19th century where he convinced a band of British Victorian era soldiers to go to Mars to help find more of his kind. The name was not his real name but one given by the British soldiers with it being a reference to Robinson Crusoe. (Episode: Empress of Mars)
  • Varga :


  • The Ice Warriors were originally created by Brian Hayles where they made their first appearance in the 1967 serial episode The Ice Warriors.


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