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Iden Versio is a female video game character that features in Star Wars.



Iden Versio was a female human born on the planet Vardos where she was the daughter of Admiral Garrick Versio who was a senior figure within the Galactic Empire. She came to follow the example set by her father and joined the ranks of the Imperial military where she quickly rose up the ranks.

After the destruction of the Death Star, Iden was selected to join the ranks of Imperial Special Forces with her father forming Inferno Squad that were tasked with the elimination of the Rebel forces. As commander, she led Gideon Hask, Del Meeko and Seyn Marana in operations against Rebel operations across the galaxy.

This saw her being dispatched on a mission to remove the intercepted transmission from Rebel hands. To accomplish this, they decided to go outside protocol and infiltrate the vessel containing the data with Iden taking part in the assignment. As such, she allowed herself to be captured in order to infiltrate the Invincible Faith that was a Rebel security cruiser whose crew believed they had managed to capture a Special Forces operative.

Versio was deployed to join the military forces at the Forest Moon of Endor in order to ambush the Rebel Alliance that were arriving at part of the Emperor's trap for them. Whilst on the surface, she engaged enemy forces and came to witness the destruction of the Death Star II in orbit. Iden and her subordinates then quickly manned TIE Fighters to aid a Star Destroyer that was fleeing the site.

This saw her taking part in the decisive battle on the desert world of Jakku.


Personality and attributes

Initially, Iden was a devoted citizen of the Galactic Empire who was dedicated in the elimination of the Rebel Alliance. Her hatred of them grew after the destruction of the Death Star II where she urged her compatriots to avenge the Emperor.

Powers and abilities

Iden was a highly trained member of Imperial Special Forces with it said that she was skilled in deception, infiltration and extraction.

As part of her role, she had specialised equipment that aided her in the field. This included a set of specialised TIE Pilot armour allowing her to survive in space for a set amount of time and was also trained in a variety of weapons. In addition, she was equipped with a personal ID10 tactical droid that was much more advanced than the former ID9 series. She referred to this machine as Droid at first but in time . A specialised command access code could be used to forcibly reactivate it from an inactive state. The floating droid was able to slice into equipment to access data and systems or alternatively generate a shock pulse to stun a target or other manipulator arms that could cut through restraints. When not in use, the droid simply locked itself into a backpack unit allowing him to be stored safely until called upon again. If separated from the droid, Iden used her communication system to deliver instructions to the machine.

Her training meant that she was a skilled pilot and able to use a range of starfighters from TIE Fighters to X-Wings.

From her time as Commander of Inferno Squad, she was afforded her own Raider-class corvette known as the Corvus.


  • Iden Versio was created by Walt Williams where she was an original character created for the rebooted Star Wars: Battlefront II game and made her first appearance in Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (2017).
  • The character was modelled on and voiced by actor Janina Gavankar.


  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2: (2017)

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