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Ilaria Corporation is a company that features in Helix.



Its foundation was based on the 500 immortals that originally formed in the world.

Ilaria desired a powerful viral weapon along with a cure and tasked Hiroshi Hatake with this task who created the NARVIK strain. (Episode: Level X) To accomplish this feat, they blackmailed him by threatening to kill his daughter and the mother of his child who they held as a hostage. (Episode: Dans L'ombre)

Constance Sutton later forcibly placed Julia Walker in her custody claiming that her body was a property of the corporation due to the compounds within her body. Her plans ended when Hiroshi Hatake killed Sutton and had his people remove he agents from Artic BioSystems. (Episode: Bloodline) Before her death, she had dispatched a team of five soldiers to eliminate a local Inuit village but these were eliminated by individuals from Arctic BioSystems. (Episode: Level X)

The Scythe was tasked with recovering the NARVIK virus, bringing Hatake to the Board and eliminating the remaining survivors of Arctic BioSystems. (Episode: Black Rain) Despite the efforts of the survivors at Arctic BioSystems, Ilaria had already deployed the NARVIK virus at various sites around the world. During this time, the Scythe was successful in acquiring the NARVIK virus and Julia Walker but the cure was taken by Alan Farragut who vowed to find Julia. (Episode: Dans L'ombre)


The leadership of the corporation was headed by the five hundred immortals who were genetically different humans. (Episode: Fushigi) Such individuals were part of the Board that gave mission directives (Episode: Black Rain) Ilaria had deep ties to society and were said to be everywhere. (Episode: Dans L'ombre)

Life was said to hold no meaning to Ilaria who were quite capable of eliminating the occupants of entire facilities or villages. They would make use of large groups of mercenaries in order to purge entire areas of a population. (Episode: Black Rain) This factor meant that captured members of the corporation and even the immortals that encompassed it were more scared of Ilaria then whatever any potential enemy could do to them. (Episode: Dans L'ombre)


  • Constance Sutton :
  • Spencer Chiswick : a young 16 year old male highly trained assassin known as the Scythe who was an immortal that was dispatched to recover the NARVIK virus from Arctic BioSystems. (Episode: Black Rain)
  • David Farragut : male scientist who was the brother of Alan Farragut where he had been a loyal agent to Ilaria for many years to the point that he attempted to smuggle the NARVIK virus to the corporation. (Episode: Dans L'ombre)
  • Michael : a blonde haired male who established an isolated fellowship composed of his bloodline.


  • Helix:

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