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Im-La-Ra is a movie demonic deity that features in Sands of Oblivion.


Im-La-Ra existed in the times of Ancient Egypt and was known as a servant of Set. Im-La-Ra himself was the god of chaos and fear who terrorised the Egyptian people. Taking on the form of a large anake made of sand, the creature killed countless Humans in that distant age. However, the Pharoah brought together his wise men mystics who used a spell that bound the demon into a jackal faced mummified body. The Amulet of Horus was placed on Im-La-Ra's inert body which was buried in a tomb that contained warnings that said that a great evil would be brought on the world if the prison tomb was opened. [1]

Centuries later, the tomb was opened by a team of archeaologists that were looking for a buried movie set in the sand dunes. With the seal broken, Im-La-Ra began a new wave of terror killing numerous people until the amulet was used against him once more which banished the evil spirit from the Human world.

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