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The Impossible Missions Force is an agency that features in Mission: Impossible.



Due to their activities, they were brought before a government committee in order to defend their actions. Chairman Huntley of the CIA stated his view that the IMF operated as a rogue agency that only brought large scale collateral damage as a result of their actions. Ultimately, the committee decided to agree with the Chairman's views and decided to disband the group. Its assets and agents were incorporated into the CIA as a result. However, chief among their targets was top IMF agent Ethan Hunt who was in London attempting to track down the Syndicate. Hunt's contact was killed and he was nearly eliminated by the Syndicate. With the IMF disbanded, he was declared a rogue and Hunt went into hiding with the CIA seeking to capture him. This remained for the next 8 months where various operations were made with the purpose of capturing him but these failed.


Their tactics were considered unorthodox and that they engaged in actions that were not normally sanctioned.

In times where the IMF was a danger politically, the United States government was able to initiate the 'Ghost Protocol'. This meant that they publicly disavowed the agency who were effectively declared as a rogue organisation. It meant that it's operatives were criminals that would not be saved by their government.


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