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Imulsion is a power source that features in the Gears of War universe.



Imulsion was a luminescent, highly volatile and low-viscosity fluid that was native to the planet Sera. Mankind discovered the substance during an exploration drill dig for oil. Upon its discovery, Dr. Helen Cooper studied Imlusion and perfected the Lightmass Process that allowed the substance to be transformed into pure energy. This led to the Gold Rush that was a global economic boom that was fueled by the exploitation of Imulsion.

Beneath the surface, a separate conflict erupted underground within the subterranean race known as the Locust Horde. Imulsion had been infecting numerous creatures and even Locust turning them into parasitic creatures known as the Lambent. As a result, a civil war erupted with the Locust fighting against their infected kin in a conflict that they were losing. With their existence at stake, the Locust decided on a desperate move to invade the surface world in order to escape the Lambent thus triggering a genocidal war against humanity starting from Emergence Day.


Whilst a valuable energy source when properly processed, it also had mutagenic properties on organic life. Upon exposure for a length of time, biological life forms were transformed into a Lambent form. In this state, they became highly aggressive with their bodies coated in bio-luminescent and actually were highly explosive when killed. In extreme cases, an Imulsion infected being could suffer uncontrollable mutation where they devolved into a large expanding organic mass.

Exposure to the substance was actually harmful as inhalation of it could lead to damage to the lungs causing victims to suffer from a condition called Rustlung.

In fact, Imulsion was actually a living parasitic organism that mutated a host. It had the properties of fungus with Lambent Stalk being actually fruiting bodies for Imulsion.



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