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Indogene are an alien race that feature in Defiance.



The Indogene were a race of white skinned humanoid beings that were native to the Votanis system. They were said to be a manufactured race that were composed of Protoform and made for many purposes. In fact, they were an artificial race created by the Omecs who built them from a conglomeration of stem cells for the purpose of serving as food.

In 3502 BCE, Indogene scientists began tracking a rogue star that was on a collision course with their solar system. Their analysis concluded that the resultant collision would eliminate all life in the Votanis system. Such findings led to the Indogene warning the other races to begin preparations for an exodus in order to survive but the other species did not believe them and balked at the cost for the construction of an Ark fleet. During this time, the Omecs had their own ships were constructed to escape the cataclysm though they were all destroyed. It was said among the Votan races that this was due to a design flaw within their vessels. However, in reality, the Votanis Collective intended to eliminate the Omecs and had Indogene shapetakers infiltrate their spacecraft and destroy them from within.

During the Pale Wars, several volunteers among the Indogene was selected to serve as spies where they had their memories altered and they were cosmetically altered to appear human where they were sent to infiltrate Earth.

Niles Pottinger operated a secret research program within the Earth Republic where he had Dr. Yewell conduct a number of experiments that included creating a likeness of Kenya Rosewater. With Amanda Rosewater's memories taken from an EGO implant, a host Indogene body was selected from a Votanis Collective spy where she faced cosmetically reconstructed and had Kenya's memories. The purpose of this duplicate was to create an environment that would make Amanda happy by reuniting her sister with her allowing for Pottinger to get her gratitude as well as possible love. An Earth Republic soldier released the duplicate who was taken as a ransom to force cooperation from Amanda Rosewater. Ultimately, the duplicate was freed by Lawkeeper Nolan and Amanda Rosewater but Pottinger sought to eliminate her. Ultimately, the truth about this duplicate Kenya was discovered who managed to flee from Defiance as she considered herself an echo of the true Kenya Rosewater.


Their brains were described as being orderly and sought to process information in this manner. Indogene brains were said to work much more efficiently when compared to humans.

It was said that they were a manufactured race that were composed of Protoform as skin. This skin was infinitely mutable with it having many applications that were even applicable to Omec physiology.

As a result, Indogene shapetakers were able to masquerade as a wide variety of races.


  • Meh Yewll :
  • Bebe : a male Lieutenant in the Votanis Collectivs's military who word human skin to infiltrate a human shopping centre to kill all its occupants.


  • Originally, the Indogene were going to be referred to as Indogine.


  • Defiance:

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