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The Innovators are a species that feature in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.



Innovators (イノベイター Inobeitā?) were a evolved strain of humanity following exposure to GN Particles. Their existence was determined by noted scientist Aeolia Schenberg who in the year 2090 determined that a growing energy crisis would lead to increased hostilities around Earth. Thus, he orchestrated the Aeolia Plan where he sought to unite mankind and bring about the emergence of the Innovators. The first step to achieve this goal was the creation of a secret group known as Celestial Being whilst developing highly advanced solar reactors that would power a series of advanced Mobile Suits known as Gundams. Following the creation of Celestial Being, artificial Innovators were bred known as Innovades that were linked to a super-computer known as Veda. The Innovades were tasked with guiding humanity I a shared future for the dialogues that were to come in the future with a united Earth.


When actively using their abilities, the eyes of an Innovator glowed yellow. Those that developed naturally through the exposure to GN Particles were referred to as pure breds.

Another related breed of purebred Innovators but different group were the Innovades the were genetically engineered and not true Innovators. Innovades were created to serve as living bio-terminals to Veda and made to carry out Aeolia's Plan.

Innovades were divided into two types:

  • Combat Type :
  • Intelligence Gathering Type :

In terms of gender, the sex of an Innovade varied as generally they were gender neutral. Combat Types were neutral with them being able to operate as male and female but were androgynous. In contrast, Intelligence Gathering Types had set genders that allowed them to pass as male or female in order to better infiltrate human society.


  • Ribbons Almark : Leader of the Innovators
  • Bring Stabity : Agent and pilot of Garazzo units 01 and 02
  • Devine Nova : Agent and pilot of Empress prototype MA
  • Hiling Care : Agent and pilot of Gadessa unit 02
  • Revive Revival : Agent and pilot of Gadessa unit 01
  • Anew Returner : An Innovator who does not know about her own connections to Veda and origins. As a result, she is used, without her knowledge, to trace and pinpoint Celestial Being's movements.
  • Regene Regetta : Agent and pilot of GRM Gundam.
  • Gaga Forces : an Innovade clone army under the service of Innovators.


  • The Innovators appeared as antagonists and their backstory was shown in the second season of the anime series.


  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00:

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