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Interdimensional Council of Reeds is an organization that features in Marvel Comics.



The Council of Reed consisted of multiple alternate versions of Reed Richards from parallel worlds in the Multiverse. It was founded by three different versions of Reed Richards referred to as the founders who formed the group the dream of achieving great and incredible feats. (Fantastic Four v1 #570)

On Earth-616, Reed Richards managed to discover the existence of the Council and was invited to join their ranks. He participated in their defence of Earth-2012 that was being attacked by a version of Galactus. (Fantastic Four v1 #571)

Around this time, one non-powered member of the Council encountered a group of Mad Celestials who had thought themselves as gods. During a confrontation against them, he was defeated and they tore into his mind where they learnt about the Council of Reed. This led to them breaching the gateway and attacking the Council headquarters. (Fantastic Four v1 #571)

A new incarnation of the Council was formed who did not agree with the tenets of their predecessors as they felt that their ties to their friends and loved ones gave them their strength. Thus, they sought to continue to operate without themselves. On one Earth, the Reed of that world had a duplicate meeting the Council whilst his other was murdered by that universes Doctor Doom. Doom had become aware of the existence of the Council of Reeds and created a blocker to prevent them from coming into his universe. In the mean time, the Council were looking for a solution for that Reed's problem as if he returned to his Earth then he would simply merge with his deceased duplicate thus killing him. The prime universe of Doctor Doom who was travelling the Multiverse alongside the Thing and Human Torch came upon a Council badge. This led to that Victor encountering the Council of Reeds who explained their new purpose. They showed that the prime Reed Richards had set his Doctor Doom on the path to being a hero with members of the Council seeking to cultivate this but were disappointed in his commitment to his hatred. Thus, they wiped their encounter with him from his mind and hoped to continue making a difference in creating a Multiverse where no further people grew up to be like Doctor Doom. (Marvel 2-In-One Annual v1 #1)

The Maker would come to petition the Council of Reeds to join their ranks. However, as his universe was broken, they would only allow him into the Council if he found a way to fix his reality. Thus, he began to operate under Project Insight where he required a means to travel the dimensional barriers to reach his reality. His own body was unable to withstand the dimensional stresses but he determined that a Symbiote could help him achieve this feat. As a result, he acquired the Venom Symbiote from his reality and sought to repair it with codex fragments from the Earth-616 universe as part of his effort at succeeding and thus impressing the Council of Reed who waited to see him complete his mission. (Venom v4 #20)


In the new Council, their aim changed as they sought to help each other. (Marvel 2-In-One Annual v1 #1)

When recruiting new Reeds, it was said that it took a while for them to acclimatise to being a member of the Council. This was because typically a Reed Richards had to think in smaller terms whereas being on the Council of Reeds they were allowed to have their imagination run wild. (Fantastic Four v1 #571) A requirement for the Council was that any Reed chosen could not stand from a broken universe. (Venom v4 #20)

The new version of the group developed the Council Badge that allowed them to meet one another. When used, they created a duplicate of their wearer so that they could continue being with their family whilst a version of themselves met with the other Reeds. Upon their return to their world, the user and their counterpart merged with them sharing their memories and experiences as they returned to a single body. (Marvel 2-In-One Annual v1 #1)

Another device used by them was the Telelacus that was used to repair and sort through the combined memories of Reeds though could be configured for other people. (Marvel 2-In-One Annual v1 #1)

Their original headquarters resided in a fabricated pocket reality that existed outside the universal structure and the space that existed between them. Within this space, the rules that governed reality did not apply. (Fantastic Four v1 #570) Beneath the Council Chamber, the Council had a place called The Hole which was used to store various versions of Doctor Doom who had been lobotomised of their higher brain functions making them harmless. (Fantastic Four v1 #571)


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  • The Interdimensional Council of Reeds were created by Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham where they made their first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #570 (October, 2009).


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