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The International Machine Consortium was an organization that existed in the movie Contact.


The International Machine Consortium was a multi-government body that was created after the discovery of alien transmissions that held blueprints to create a technological device that was simply known as the Machine. The Consortium poured trillions of dollars in research, design and development of the alien artifact in order to pioneer Earths first contact with extraterrestrials believed to be based in the star Vega.

While development was conducted, the Consortium formed a Selection Committee in order to determine who the pilot of the Machine would be and who would make first contact. This process was hard working as the IMC wished a person that represented Earths interests which included their scientific and religious bodies.

After the return of Dr Ellie Ann Arrorway, the IMC began an inquiry to determine the truth of the matter of her journey as it appeared the pod ship simply dropped into the water beneath the Machine while she claimed that she spoke to alien entities.

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