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International Operations is an intelligence agency that features in Wildstorm Comics.




Divisions and Projects

  • Sci-Tech: I.O.'s Research and Development department. Sci-Tech has developed weapons and various cybernetics to be used by its agents.
  • Black Arts: A smaller division within I.O., tasked with overseeing the Project: Divine Right. They also were responsible for brainwashing dangerous individuals. After their connections to Cardinal Lazarus and the Coda were revealed, they went underground. Over the next few years, they staged a series of attacks against Department PSI and other government agencies.
  • Black Razors: I.O.'s fighting force, working for the Director of Operations. Usually they wear light-weight protective armor. They are among the best trained human fighters on the planet and are often sent in to deal with parahuman threats. The Black Hammers are a group of Black Razors wearing large powered armors. Formerly led by Ben Santini. With the collapse of I.O., most of them found work in other government agencies. A group of disgruntled Black Razors teamed up with Black Arts to stage a series of attacks against Department PSI and other government agencies.
  • Keepers: Former Black Razors assigned to Sci-Tech. Wear red armor to distinguish themselves from the Black Razors. The Warhawks are Keepers in special armor capable of flight.
  • Black Ops: A team of special operatives, formerly working for I.O., but joined up with Department PSI later.
  • The Numbskulls: A small group of dead soldiers, reanimated by I.O. technology. Unlike Zombots, the Numbskulls retained their memories and personality. The Numbskulls hated their undead existence, but were unable to end it.
  • DV8: Formerly rogue, Gen-Active superhumans, working for Ivana Baiul.
  • Team 7: Team of specialists from different branches of military and intelligence agencies. Disbanded. A second incarnation of the team later became known as Wetworks
  • Wetworks: Former agents, rejoined later as freelance operatives, liaisoned to Ben Santini.
  • The Brethren: Gen-Active (Gen 12) agents, answering only to Miles Craven.
  • Project Genesis: The I.O. project tasked with the creation of superhumans under government control. Responsible for Gen 12, Gen¹³ and DV8 among others.
  • Project ENTRY: I.O.'s experimental teleportation project. The plans were taken by Ben Santini and put to use for Stormwatch: Team Achilles.
  • Project: Rebirth: I.O.'s cloning project, responsible for the creation of DV8's Powerhaus.
  • Project: Renaissance: A cloning project, devoted to creating a perfect Gen-Active being: the Gen-Omega. Miles Craven's hope for eternal life, canceled after his death. The Brethren were assigned as special agents to this project.
  • B.I.O. (Biological International Organisation): A genetic engineering project dedicated to yet another attempt to start Team 8, this time using the DNA of the original Team 7 members to create an army of clones. The project was terminated after one of the clones escaped captivity. Sole survivor of the project was Genevieve Cray.


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