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The Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four v6 #1.

The Invisible Woman is a female comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.



Susan Storm was the daughter of Franklin Storm and Mary Storm with her being the older sister to Johnny Storm. Her father was a brilliant surgeon and a respected member of the medical community where during travel to a dinner he lost control over his vehicle after the tyre blew out. Though Franklin survived, his wife Mary was critically injured and despite his efforts he was unable to save his wife on the operating table. The shock caused him to withdraw from life as he gave up his medical practice and began to blame himself for his Mary's death. (Fantastic Four v1 #32)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Generating force fields in Invisible Woman v1 #1.

Her daughter taught her the principle behind colour namely bending the spectrum of light allowing her to alter the appearance of anyone. This allowed her to change not only her hair colour but also her skin tone. The ability was said to require a great deal of concentration from Susan but she could use it to alter her appearance and make her unrecognisable. (Invisible Woman v1 #3)


  • The Invisible Woman was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where she made her first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #1 (November, 1961).

Alternate Versions

  • In Ghost-Spider v1 #6 (2016), an alternate version of Susan Storm was shown to exist on Earth-65 set in the world of Spider-Gwen. This version was the daughter of noted surgeon Franklin Storm and his wife Mary Storm with Susan having a younger brother named Jonathan Storm. Her father was arrested for multiple murders that disgraced the family publicly though the Storms then reinvented themselves as social media celebrities. Susan eventually wanted more from this life and with her brother they went to Latveria to meet a reclusive scientist named Doctor Doom. Charming the man, he agreed to give them superpowers so that they could become superheroes. Undergoing a training regimen, the pair underwent an experiment that gave them powers with Susan having the ability to manipulate force fields and make herself invisible whilst her brother gained the power over fire. The two then turned on Doctor Doom where they killed him after which they decided to return to New York after missing for years and being declared dead by the public. Upon returning back, Susan believed that the city had no place for more heroes and looked to remove Ghost-Spider from the scene by any means necessary.

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  • In Fantastic Four, Susan Storm appeared in the live-action film where she was portrayed by actor Jessica Alba.

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  • Fantastic Four v1: (1961)
  • Fantastic Four v6:
  • Invisible Woman v1:

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