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Jade in Justice League of America v2 #44.

Jade is a female comic superhero who features in DC Comics.




Jennifer-Lynn Hayden



Her body was encased in a green crystalline meteor and sent to Earth by the Starheart in an effort to find her father. The meteor crashed in Germany with Jade awakening and having a confrontation with the German Rocket-Elite who sought to confiscate her. However, the Justice League of America arrived with Jade coming to learn that the Starheart sought to free itself and take possession of her fathers body. Its actions had similarly caused various mystical and elemental beings to run amok as they were influenced by its power. Thus, Jade came to join the new Justice League in an effort to stop the Starheart and free her father. (Justice League of America v2 #45) In the effort to save her father, she joined the combined heroes in assaulting the Starhearts citadel on the Moon. During this time, the corruption of the mystical force caused Obsidian to merge with Jade into a hybrid entity that attacked the superheroes. This was until Doctor Fate intervened to help separate the two whereupon Jade was given the powers of a White Lantern ring and restored to life as she had completed her mission assigned by the White Light. She used this power to fight off the Starheart with Batman determining that the entity feared Jade's connection to it. Jade used this to help fight the Starheart and free her father from its control thus restoring him back to normal. With the crisis over, it was determined that only a tenuous control was maintained over the mystical force and until it was stabilised she could not be near her brother as their proximity would cause them to fuse again where they would go out of control. (Justice League of America v2 #48) She accompanied Donna Troy when the Boogeyman requested to meet her at his cell at Alcatraz Prison but he used the opportunity to telepathically invade the two heroes minds. Troy was able to break free and similarly help Jennifer in escaping the nightmare plaguing which caused the Starheart power to nearly kill the villain. (Justice League of America v2 #49) Jade later helped defend the Hall of Justice from the Crime Syndicate of America who struck the heroes where Jade fought against the villainous Power Ring with her powers going out of control leading to her almost killing the villain. (Justice League of America v2 #50)


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  • Jade was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway where she made her first appearance in All-Star Squadron v1 #25 (September, 1983).

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  • All-Star Squadron v1:
  • Green Lantern v3:
  • Outsiders v2:
  • JSA v1:
  • Green Lantern Corps v2:
  • Justice League of America v2:
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