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Jamal Afari is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Afari grew up a daring young Black Man adventurer on the mean streets of Harlem, fighting vampire foes such as Dracula as a youth with only his amazing combatant abilities. This gained him honorable respect from many other street dwellers. Over time, Jamal began to give up his young life as a dark adventurer and learned to play the jazz horn with exceptional skill. This happiness was proved short-lived due to Afari's later drug abuse, and he was soon sent to a hospital to get over his addiction. After Jamal's recovery, the former vampire slayer was ready to give up on his life completely, when one night a ruthless band of vampires attacked his home. During the battle, a nine year old Blade arrived on the scene to help Afari battle the villains. Together the vampires were defeated. Jamal thought that this was a sign he should continue his adventuring life, and he became the mentor of Blade and taught the hero everything he knew about fighting. Over time, Blade became very skilled in these practices. Afari would always test his skills for training, hunting, and patrolling, and he taught the young man how to be a fighter of the undead like him, without Jamal Afari Blade wouldn't be the hero he is today.


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  • Jamal Afari was created by Chris Claremont and Tony DeZuniga where he made his first appearance in Marvel Preview v1 #3 (September, 1975).


  • Marvel Preview v1:

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