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James Gordon in Detective Comics v2 #25.

James Gordon is a male comic character that features DC Comics.




Commissioner Gordon in Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon v1 #1.

James Gordon



Gordon in Project: Batman in Batman v2 #45.

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

Gordon once served as a marine and served in the United States military. (Divergence v1 #1) At some point, his wife left him and his children with him being deeply hurt by the separation yet never re-married. (Batgirl v4 #5)

As a young police officer, one of his acts was killing the serial killer Wesley Mathis with the mans son Barton Mathis being taken into foster care. (Detective Comics v2 #3)

Batman later came to learn that Gordon was one of the infected and confronted his old friend. This led to a battle with Commissioner Gordon deploying the Rookie Batman suit. Superman intervened in the fight where he destroyed the Project: Batman suit whilst Batman himself managed to apprehend Gordon. They then set about looking for a cure for him and the others that had been infected by the Batman Who Laughs. (Batman/Superman v2 #3)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • James Gordon was created by Bill Finger, Lawrence Donovan, Henry Ralston and John Nanovic where he made his first appearance in Detective Comics v1 #27 (May, 1939).

Alternate Versions

  • In Superman v1 #353 (1980), James W. Gordon appeared in a Just Imagine alternate world setting where he was a patrolman who found the crashed ship of the baby Kal-El who had landed in Gotham City on Earth. He took the child to the Wayne family where he said that without any parent claiming that he had no choice but to place the boy in an orphanage. However, Thomas and his wife Martha Wayne decided to adopt the boy who they named Bruce Wayne. Whilst moving in an alleyway, they were ambushed by hitman Joe Chill but were saved as his gunshots were stopped by Bruce Wayne due to his alien physiology. Jim Gordon arrived to arrest Chill who revealed that he had been hired by Lew Moxon. With this knowledge, he had Moxon arrested and was promoted to Sergeant Gordon with the Wayne's revealing the powers available to their adoptive son Bruce Wayne. Gordon kept the boys secret as he felt he would not have a moments peace if his nature was revealed to the world. James Gordon later became Commissioner and helped foster Bruce's talents until he became Superman.
  • In JLA: Earth-2 (2000), an Earth-3 James Gordon was shown to reside in this version of the world that resided in the Anti-Matter Universe with him being an criminal gang boss that served Owlman and known as Boss Gordon.
  • In Gotham City Garage v1 (2017), an alternate James Gordon was shown to reside on this Earth in the dystopic world of the Garden. He had a daughter that was Barbara Gordon who joined the ranks of the Lexes law enforcement who served Governor Luthor and he also adopted Kara Zor-El who was raised as Barbara's sister Kara Gordon.

In other media


  • In Gotham, the character was the protoganist of the prequel series where he was portrayed by actor Ben McKenzie.


  • In The Dark Knight Trilogy, James Gordon made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Batman Begins, James Gordon made his first appearance in the live-action film where he was portrayed by actor Gary Oldman.
    • In The Dark Knight, James Gordon returned in the live-action sequel where he was portrayed again by actor Gary Oldman.
    • In The Dark Knight Rises, James Gordon appeared in the final instalment of the live-action trilogy where actor Gary Oldman once more portrayed the character.

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  • Batman/Superman v1:
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