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Janemba is a male character who features in Dragon Ball Z.



An ordinary teenage ogre named Saike, was working a part-time job in the afterlife keeping an eye on the soul cleansing machine used to purify spirits being sent to Hell. Due to an error by Saike, the machine began to overload. This causes it to explode, and in a chain reaction, all of the spiritual waste from countless generations of sinners is released at once. This evil energy forms around Saike, turning him into the monster Janemba. Janemba proceeds to turn the entire spirit check-in station into his playground, imprisoning King Yemma and all of the co-workers. This breaks the barrier between the living and the dead, allowing them to come back to life. Goku and Paikuhan are sent to take care of the problem. They find Janemba and Goku proceeds to fight him. After a brief battle, Janemba is defeated. He then transforms into a new, more demonic form. This new form defeats Goku, but before Janemba can finish him off, Vegeta shows up to save him. The two then run and form the plan to fuse. After a few attempts, they fuse into Gogeta who purifies Janemba, leaving Saike to run away.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Janemba has two forms. His first form (called Janempa in the FUNimation English dub) is a chubby and very large fellow. This form uses his power in a childlike fashion to morph Hell into his own colourful fantasy playground. Janemba is a giant, with his hand being as large as Goku himself. He has small, studded horns, and his skin is yellow. Janemba's intelligence is limited; the only word he knows how to say is his own name. His attacks involve things such as creating miniature versions of himself and of Goku, punching him around from portals, and shooting ki blasts from the 4 holes on his chest.

After being defeated, Janemba transformed. The second form is more powerful and, unlike his previous form, is deadly serious. Once again, Hell morphs into Janemba's fantasy which is a desolate grey graveyard of spikes, dust and jellybeans. Janemba wields a fearsome red sword which he uses to almost kill Goku, but Vegeta saves him. The sword shoots out ki which can cut someone at a distance.

In his final form, Janemba's techniques included a type of deconstruction/reconstruction teleportation known as the Bunkai Teleport, portals with which he can attack through, able to stretch his arm at lengths, turning objects into deadly weapons, project his opponents' own Ki back at them through portals, and wields a powerful sword capable of shooting Ki out in strikes. He becomes much more intelligent. He no longer speaks, just grunts and yells in a more sinister voice.


In other media

Video games


  • Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn:

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