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Jarvis Kord is a male character that features in DC Comics.




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Jarvis Kord in Brave and the Bold.


  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the character makes an appearance as a villain in the episode "Fall of the Blue Beetle!" where he was voiced by Tim Matheson. Similar to comic continuity, he was the brilliant scientist uncle of Ted Kord and was given the Blue Beetle Scarab by his nephew to study it. Jarvis instead uses it to power an entire army of scarab robots to conquer Hub City but was defeated by Blue Beetle and Batman. His defeat comes at the cost of Ted Kord's life as he attempted to stop his uncle's rocket from being launched. Afterwards, he lived a secluded existence on Science Island and masqueraded as Ted Kord. In this guise, he was approached by the new Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes who was empowered by the scarab. Whilst pretending to be Ted Kord, he revealed that he intended to transform the world into a paradise with an army of robots empowered by the Scarab thus tricking Jamie into energizing them. Jarvis's identity was later revealed and he was defeated by Batman along with the new Blue Beetle that manage to stop his plans at world domination.


  • Blue Beetle v4 #2:

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