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Jean Jacquemonde is a male character who features in Spriggan.



Jean Jacquemonde (ジャン・ジャックモンド Jan Jakkumondo) was born in Lyon, France[3], he was subsequently raised by Maria Felton after being abandoned, having Mark Felton as his younger brother. During his pre-teen days, Jean was a street fighter who fought against agents of an unknown syndicate with the Trident Corporation as they were becoming more and more interested in him due to his Werewolf genes that were not used from his DNA. In order to do this, Maria and Mark Felton were kidnapped as a bargaining chip for Jean to cooperate.[9] Later on, a young Tea Flatte who Jean met after beating a group of Forces Armees Francaises soldiers when she had infiltrated the Forces Armees Francaises research facility where Jean was held. Freeing him from captivity, Jean then used his own will to transform into a werewolf and subsequently escaped from the research center when he was eventually recruited by ARCAM as their Spriggan agent to gain revenge for the deaths of Maria and Mark.[10][11]

During his time with the Spriggans, he actively assisted Yu Ominae in battling enemies of the ARCAM Corporation from Turkey all the way to the forests of Japan fighting Machiner's Platoon soldiers to brainwashed COSMOS child soldiers. In his first appearance in Turkey, Jean had his first werewolf transformation when Little Boy riddled him with a barrage of bullets from his Colt XM177 assault rifle. Eventually killing his assailant in his werewolf stage by punching Little Boy's head away into pieces of flesh, Jean overcame platoons of Machiner's Platoon soldiers sent to stop him with several dozens dead with others severely wounded.[12]

When Jean was deployed in a mission to Romania, confronted his ex-father who told him of his heritage.[13] In an operation in Ecuador, Jean was severely wounded by Oboro when he first changed Jean into a werewolf before stabbing his chest with a sharp stick, leaving him for death. Fortunately, Percup Ramdi did an operation that managed to heal Jean of his wounds and further acceleterated his rate of self-healing. It is unknown whether he could still transform into a werewolf on his own.[14] In a mission to prevent COSMOS from extracting Rie Yamabishi to the US, Jean stormed a US Army base in Japan alongside Yu and Oboro. However, they were unable to prevent COSMOS forces from escaping.

Jean, grudgingly, teamed up with Iwao Akatsuki and Bo Brantz, two of ARCAM's most fearsome enemies in sabotaging a Trident operation when Larry Markson attempted to harness the power of the South Pole Shrine in order to take control of the world. With Bo's death, the three took on Larry's forces before they were able to get rid of the Fire Snake with the help of Yoshino Somei, Rie Yamabishi and other ARCAM personnel who were forced to assist Trident in gaining access to the fiery artifact.


Personality and attributes

Jean is both a fierce Spriggan operator and a man with a good heart. Though he appears to be a cruel person who did not spare the life of Fatman when he was critically wounded, Jean had his reasons to do so. He warns Yu of his Spriggan duties and not to slack off since their secret war would safeguard every person in the planet,[15] though he didn't hesitate to blow his head off with his Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun when Yu tried to finish Fatman off.[16]

During combat, he tends to be cocky and boasts about either himself or his skills and does not have any sympathy to those who murder people for their own ambitions or because they feel they were doing the right thing.[17][18] He is also boastful to other Spriggan operatives who don't look out for themselves when they are in trouble.[19]

Powers and abilities

He has the ability to turn to a werewolf due to his lycanthrope heritage only when he sees his blood. In his teenage years, he had the ability to do so at his own will. His werewolf appearance is mainly due to use of ancient biotechnology that gave him the ability to shapeshift into one.


  • Jean Jacquemonde was created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa where he featured in the Spriggan setting.

In other media

Video games

  • In Spriggan: Lunar Verse, Jean Jacquemonde appeared as a support character to Tatsuki Otsuki.


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