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Jericho is a male comic character who features in DC Comics.




Joseph William Wilson

He later re-emerged where he took possession of his fathers body where he murdered Wintergreen after which he targeted the Teen Titans where he intended to kill them to force the team to disband. (Teen Titans v3 #4)

Whilst within Raven's Soul-Self, they were confronted by Jericho who battled both his father and the Teen Titans. This saw him possessing peoples bodies in order to murder the Titans as he believed children should not be heroes. Their fight later emerged in the real world when the Soul-Self took them back to Earth during the rest of the Teen Titan's fight with the Church of Blood. After possessing Wonder Girl, he was goaded by Cyborg into possessing him with this being a trick as he was forced into Victor's cybernetic eye and trapped within a sealed file thus defeating him. (Teen Titans v3 #12)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.


Personality and attributes

He came to believe that children had no place to be superheroes after seeing so many of them die. Thus, he decided to brutally injure young heroes to force them to abandon the life of being a hero. This was under the belief that he was helping them by stopping them from facing further tragedies. (Teen Titans v3 #4)

Powers and abilities


  • Jericho was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez where he made his first appearance in Tales of the Teen Titans v1 #43 (June, 1984).
  • In an interview with Wolfman, he commented on CBR about the characters sexuality originally, "Jericho was not gay. I would not have a problem creating a gay character, but to say he's gay because he was nice and gentle and artistic is stereotyping I don't believe in doing."
  • On Comicvne, Wolfman wrote in an interview regarding Convergence: New Teen Titans, "And because of the timing of our story I got to do more with Jericho and Kole which actually uses a storyline I started back in 1984 but we didn't follow through on. But back then Kole asks a question which we didn't answer until now. It might be nice and very surprising to readers what I wanted to do 31 years ago. It'll definitely be controversial." During he resultant story, it was heavily implied that the character was a homosexual and had no romantic interest in teammate Kole beyond friendship despite her being in love with him.
  • In the Post-Flashpoint continuity, it was shown in Christopher Priest's Deathstroke that Jericho was bisexual.

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