Jericho Cross

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Jericho Cross.

Jericho Cross is a male video game character who features in Darkwatch.



A young Jericho Cross left Missouri and joined the Union army after a tragic argument with his slave-owning father. He was disgusted by the artocities he had seen in the Civil War and thus deserted his regimented as he drifted out into the west. His rage consumed him and his only outlet in life was by being an outlaw which, in time, resulted in wanted posters of him being posted across the counties.

In 1876, Jericho takes his outlaw ways to a new level by robbing trains in the southern border of Arizona.


Appearances and attributes

He has a strong jaw and dead-eyed gaze which fits the part of a tough outlaw as well as a trail rier. His appearance has a dust covered and rumpled look about him which makes him seem that he has not slept indoors in months.

Powers and abilities


  • Jericho Cross was voiced by actor Christopher Corey Smith.


  • Darkwatch:

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