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Jewel Seeds are artifacts that feature in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.



The Jewel Seeds were examples of ancient Lost Logia that were artifacts from a lost advanced world that had been destroyed by their technology. Following its destruction, the Seeds were scattered across the universe where their power was known among many planets that were aware of the power of magic.

In 426, the artifacts were brought together where their power destroyed an entire world and intensified the Time-Space Administration Bureau's search for these relics.


They were crystallized forms of energy that were capable of dimensional interference. The emotions and feelings of a user were capable of impacting the Seeds and de-stabilizing their power. Thus, those that found one of these jewels were capable of achieving extraordinary feats so long as there was a living intelligence held it. The abilities given by the Seeds was not restricted to humans alone as animals and even plants were capable of imparting emotions into the jewels. An example of this was seen when a kitten came upon one of the Jewel Seeds and its desire to be large led to the gem turning the feline into a gigantic version of itself.


  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:

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