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The Judas Breed are a species in the Mimic films.



They were created in a successful effort to control disease-carrying cockroaches in New York, which caused Stricklers Disease in children. Sticklers Disease, although thought psychosomatic, caused a hyperallergenic effect, much like the same condition as the so called "Bubble Boy".


They were insidious because they had grown to human-sized insectoid creatures that had evolved the ability to mimic their prey to better kill them. Having mutated far beyond their original forms, the creatures began to hunt humans and evolved a complex yet cunning disguise that allowed them to walk on the surface without being detected by making partial human faces. They would gradually evolve with the ability of using dead human faces as part of their disguises, which they did by peeling the face off of dead prey. Later evolutions would form a 'plastic'-like outer coating that allowed them to almost perfectly masquerade as humans but were incapable of communicating in human speech. Rather, they communicated with clicking of their mandibles.

They were six legged creatures with powerful pincers that allowed them to rip a human being apart for feeding. Wings allowed them movement across their territory, which made them particularly dangerous in the open. They were capable of wrapping their wings around their body and showing their 'human' disguise, which made them appear as humans wearing large jackets. A majority of the species were female with a single male in the colony who would breed the species. Larvae would then slowly grow and eat decomposing food to sustain themselves until they reached maturity. The creatures were capable of detecting traces of blood and such traces would send them into a feeding frenzy, however, they could not detect prey that were coated with their 'smell', seeing such food as their own kind.


  • The Judas Breed were created by Matthew Robbins and Guillermo del Toro.


  • Mimic:

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