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Juvia Lockser is a female character that features in Fairy Tail.



Juvia Lockser (ジュビア・ロクサー Jubia Rokusā) was a female human born in the year Year X767 in the Earthlands. From a young age, she had manifested her magic power that allowed her to manipulate water with this often manifesting as a rain cloud around her. This resulted in other children shunning her for making it rain around her and in an effort to cope she began to use teru teru bozu dolls. These were used in an attempt to stop the rain but this simply caused the other children to tease her even more.


Personality and attributes

She was known by a number of aliases that included Juvia of the Great Sea (大海のジュビア Taikai no Jubia), Juvia of the Deep (ディープのジュビア Dīpu no Jubia) and as the Rain Woman (雨女 Ame on'na).

Powers and abilities

As a magic user, her power manifested in her ability to control Water (水流ウォーター Wōtā) where her skilled allowed her to produce, control and manipulate it.


  • Juvia Lockser was created by Hiro Mashima where she featured in the setting of Fairy Tail.


  • Fairy Tail:

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