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The Kabuki Twins are supervillains that feature in DC Comics.



Very little is known about The Kabuki Twins, besides that they are the silent henchwomen of the villain The Penguin. After Batman found one of them collecting stolen jewelry from a bird, though, it was made clear that they were no ordinary girls. The two of them used their expert fighting skills to beat up the Batman and almost run him over. After they kidnapped Alfred Pennyworth when they caught him trespassing on the Penguin's manor, Batman came to save Alfred and locked the twins in a cage. They ended up catching the Penguin, but when they checked back on the Kabuki Twins, they had escaped. They have had several appearances since then. The two girls have never spoken.


In appearance, the Twins wore red costumes with blades attached to their hands and had kabuki-styled masks that prevented anyone from seeing their real features.


  • The Kabuki Twins were original creations of The Batman animated television series.

Alternate Versions

  • In The Batman Strikes!, the Kabuki Twins appeared in the spinoff comic that was tied to the animated television series. It was revealed in an issue that their actual names were Gale and Peri.

In other media

Video games

  • In Batman: The Cobblepot Caper, the Kabuki Twins appeared in the online video game where they featured in level 3 in the setting. They take over Gotham Steelworks, and after defeating their henchmen and escaping their traps set up throughout the factory, there is a one-on-two boss fight against the girls an a moving truck.


  • The Batman: "Call of the Cobblepots"

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