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An incarnation of Naraku, Kagura is an extremely powerful adversary of Inu-Yasha and his friends. Kagura is the Wind Sorceress, with full control over wind; in addition to this ability, she can control the dead and the soulless as well.

Kagura was sent by Naraku to destroy most of Koga's Wolf Demon tribe, and to pit him against Inu Yasha. She also serves as Naraku's "general," usually being the one to lead lesser demon minions of his in battle. However, she is defiant, holding no respect for her master and creator. She has recently taken an interest (and infatuation) in Sesshoumaru.

Kagura is far from loyal to Naraku. She hopes to one day see Naraku dead, and be free. Recently she made an attempt by leaving the castle while Naraku was seemingly away and stole the shards of the Jewel of Four Souls from Koga's legs before tracking down Sesshoumaru and trying to bribe him with the shards to kill Naraku (and making a subtle pass at him), Sesshoumaru turned her down, telling her to fight her own battles before even thinking of asking him for help. Kagura viciously insulted him before flying off plotting to use the shards herself, before being attacked by Koga, Sango and Inu-Yasha (who's human form she saw for a moment). After she escaped she returned to the castle and discovered that Naraku was a half breed, and was severely disciplined for her disobedience.

Naraku eventually released Kagura, though now, all she wanted was her freedom, and reluctantly followed orders.

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