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Kain is a male video game character that features in Legacy of Kain.



Blood Omen

Kain was a young male human noble who was born in the lands of Nosgoth. He was murdered by assassins but was resurrected by the necromancer Mortanius who brought him back as a vampire. The necromancer promised him vengeance and the opportunity to cure Kain of his vampirism in exchange for restoration of the nine Pillars of Nosgoth. The nine guardians of the Pillars had been corrupted long ago and needed to be killed in order to allow the land to recover. Kain agreed and he later met the ancient vampire Vorador who influenced him to forsake his former humanity. Thus, he began to accept his nature as a vampire and later discovered the legendary soul devouring blade known as the Soul Reaver.

Legacy of Kain


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  • Kain was created by Denis Dyack and voiced by actor Simon Templeman with his first appearance being in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996).


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