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Kaiyanwang is a male character who features in 3x3 Eyes.



Kaiyanwang (鬼眼王 Kaiyanwan) was a male member of the Sanjiyan Unkara who lived many centuries ago during a time when his race inhabited the world. He came to rule as King of his people as they ruled demons from their home in the holy land of Kun-Lun. In time, Kaiyanwang grew more aggressive and war-like where he gathered a number of demons as his followers that formed an army under his command. Long ago, he was said to had sought to conquer the lands and slayed all those that came to oppose him. Around this time, he came upon Benares who he turned into his Wu servant thus making him an immortal. Such was Kaiyanwang's savagery that his fellow Sanjiyan petitioned for him to stop his killings but he refused and even turned his blade against his comrades. In time, the remaining Sanjiyan decided to band together in order to stop him around 300 years ago leading to their death. Despite their demise, they succeeded in imprisoning Kaiyanwang in the holy lands though his followers continued to operate in the world where the sought his resurrection.


Personality and attributes

Similar to other Sanjiyan Unkara, he had two personalities with one being the kind Shiva.

The other persona became known as Kaiyanwang who was cruel and ruthless being that was not above killing his own people and even his own followers.

Powers and abilities

Similar to other Sanjian Unkara, he was able to transform another being into his Wu (Chinese: 无; an immortal companion) that were immortal servants to their master. In his case, his servant was the incredibly powerful Benares who served as his right hand enforcer.


  • Kaiyanwang was created by Yuzo Takada where he featured as the antagonist in 3x3 Eyes.


  • 3x3 Eyes:

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