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Kaiyo is a female comic deity that features in DC Comics.



Kaiyo was a female member of the New Gods of Apokolips where she was born with unique abilities and an urge to create chaos. This saw her instigating conflict among the Parademons in order to sate her boredom. On one day, she entered into Darkseid's throne room where she made the mistake of laughing thus earning his ire and he sought to capture her. Kaiyo in response used her powers to teleport and escape into the Multiverse with Darkseid in pursuit of her as he sought to kill her for escaping his control. During these travels, he encountered a being whose power rivalled his own with this being Superman who he intended to kill. His pursuit of her brought him to worlds where he fought its superheroes and he destroyed those planets. On one such journey, she came to an Earth where Darkseid fought and was defeated by the Justice League with this impressing Kaiyo. However, this was all in line with Darkseid's plans as he intended for Kaiyo to find worlds that were presents for his conquest and instead of killing her he thanked her. Thus, Kaiyo learnt that she had never managed to escape the wrath of the mad god. (Justice League v2 #23.1)

With her powers, she transported Batman and Superman to Earth-2 thus causing them to meet their alternate universe counterparts with Kaiyo observing this by possessing the body of that worlds Lois Lane. (Batman/Superman v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

Due to her nature, she was known as Kaiyo the Trickster. (Batman/Superman v1 #2) Among her epithets was the chaos bringer as she saw discord as both her gift and her curse. (Justice League v2 #23.1)

She often instigated conflicts to end the boredom she experienced with her enjoying the chaos she brought. As a creature of chaos, she went to realities instinctively to find worlds that would give the most trouble for Darkseid. (Justice League v2 #23.1)

Powers and abilities

She had the unexpected strange power to teleport allowing her to open Boom Tube portals to travel through the Multiverse. (Justice League v2 #23.1) Kaiyo could possess the bodies of other beings and using them as hosts. (Batman/Superman v1 #2)


  • Kaiyo the Trickster was created by Greg Pak and Jae Lee where she made her first appearance in Batman/Superman v1 #2 (September, 2013).


  • Batman/Superman v1:
  • Justice League v2:

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