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Kakugane is a device that features in Buso Renkin.



Kakugane (核, Japanese for "Nucleus") were ornate devices that were developed long ago during studies in alchemy. Alchemy was an integrated science technology that spread across Europe before the modern age. Initially, the original goal was to change lead to hold or create an elixir for eternal life though these attempts were not successful but did lead to the foundation for modern science. These developments did lead secretly to two paranormal successes that were not comprehensible to normal people. Alchemical research saw the development of Homunculi that was study in artificial life and the other was Buso Renkin that was result of tactical munitions developments. Both were deemed too dangerous and hidden from the general public with it being instead studied by those who understood alchemy.


These paranormal alloys were forged by concentrating the essence of alchemy. They functioned in response to the deepest part of the human mind namely the human instinct and manifested the possessors inner power into a tangible form creating a weapon unlike any other. A Kakugane could be used as a replacement for a human heart and awakened the survival instinct in their user. Through such means, a slain human could be resurrected and regained the power to live again. A further ability that was bestowed was the capacity to fight that was activated by human instincts and have the strength needed to do battle which was the Kakuganes true power. Kakugane transformed the dormant fighting strength into a weapon like no other. Traits such as control, determination and roar led to the activation of the Buso Renkin.



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