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Kanbei is the emperor of Yellow Comet, as well as also the leading commander in their army. Kanbei's forces all have superior power. His daughter, Sonja, is also a commander in the Yellow Comet army. Kanbei is very protective of her- in fact, he is often overprotective. He is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box; he sometimes makes rash decisions too quickly to plan anything more than a simple "Kanbei's imperial forces will crush them!"

As one of the four main countries on the planet, Yellow Comet was deceived by Sturm, but when Sturm attempted to hurt Kanbei's daughter he sprang into action, with an all-out attack on Sturm's fortress. Along with two other commanders he assisted in the first defeat of Sturm.

In Sturm's second attack, Kanbei and his forces protected his people with a great zeal. After several encounters, he managed to push the invaders back with the help of Orange Star and Blue Moon. After helping Green Earth drive the Black Hole Army from their shores, he once again played an instrumental part in defeating Sturm.

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