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Kanemitsu Zaibatsu is a corporation that features in RoboCop universe.



The Kanemitsu Zaibatsu were a Japanese company that was formed by the 21st century where it established a presence in the United States of America. In that time, Omni Consumer Products (OCP) in Detroit had established a re-vitalization effort of the city in order to create Delta City. However, the corporation faced opposition from citizens in the city. This combined with growing financial difficulties leading to them bringing an outside interest into the effort. It was through this means that the Kanemitsu Zaibatsu gained a controlling stake in OCP in order to make the Detroit business making it a part of the Japanese Zaibatsu. The Delta City re-development showed some potential to the Japanese corporation who moved forward to bring their own plans in removing the citizens. To secure its interests, it dispatched an Otomo android to deal with the rogue Robocop.


One of the product of the Zaibatsu was the human looking android called Otomo.


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