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Kao Kan laughing at Indiana Jones.

Kao Kan was the youngest son of Lao Che, and brother to Chen. Unlike his cold and calculating sibling Kao Kan was violent and impulsive, as evidenced by his attempt to steal the ashes of Nurhachi from Indiana Jones before the scheduled meeting at Club Obi-Wan. He failed, and the encounter with Jones resulted in his hand being injured.

He sat with his father and brother during the swap for the Peacock's Eye, and after Jones, disoriented from the poison Lao Che had put in his drink, killed his brother Chen, Kao Kan attacked Jones but was knocked onto the table. Grabbing a tommygun from one of his father's henchmen, Kao Kan, laughing insanely, attempted to gun down his brother's killer, but failed as Jones escaped out the window with Willie Scott. He and his father chased them to the airport, but lost them after they got on a plane with Earl Weber's help.


In the script for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Kao Kan pursues Indiana's plane in a biplane and is killed crashing into a cliff.

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