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Karma in Astonishing X-Men v3 #52.

Karma is a female comic superhero that features in Marvel Comics.




Xi'an Coy Manh

Unknown to her mother, her father was involved with another woman and through that relationship had a daughter named Da'o who was Xi'an's half-sister. They were unaware of her existence until her fathers mistress came to Vietnam with her daughter. During the meeting Da'o attempted to stay Xi'an's mother as she resented her for existing and that her father had abandoned her for another family. This was noted to had been the only time she had met her half-sister. (Astonishing X-Men v3 #54)

New Mutants


At the devastated facility, Susan Hatchi arrived on the scene with her mercenaries where she revealed that had infected the X-Men with nanotechnology allowing her to control them. With this power, she intended to use them to take over Madripoor for her as a demonstration of her control over the team. During the journey to the island, Karma revealed that Susan Hatchi was actually her half-sister Da'o. (Astonishing X-Men v3 #54)

During the fight, Karma linked her mind with Susan in order to share her own past pains and experiences with her. This led to Susan coming to terms with the years of pain and resentment that she had with Xi'an offering to be with her as they came to terms with their lives. Whilst embracing each other, her father fired a gunshot at Susan thus killing her as he still deemed her a threat leaving Xi'an angry and nearly willing to kill him but she was stopped by her comrades in the X-Men. The authorities later arrived at the scene where they arrested her father who told her to pretend that he had died again and noted that his health meant that he did not have long to life so his words would come true. Logan later met with Xi'an giving her a letter from an attorney indicating that being the only living relative of Da'o meant that Xi'an had now inherited Hatchi tech making her a billionaire suddenly. However, she sought to re-examine her life and her relationship with her father as she decided to abandon the feelings of resentment she had towards him after seeing what it did to her half-sister Susan Hatchi. Thus, she gave up hating him but said that she would not visit him in prison either but instead spoke to her brother and sister to tell them how much she loved them whilst also telling them about their half-sister Susan who they had never met as she believed Da'o had deserved to let people know about her life. (Astonishing X-Men v3 #56)

Xi'an looked towards diversifying Hatchi Corporation's assets by attempting secretly weaponise magic for its use in order to compete with other companies. This was because Karma believed that she needed to create a Mutant-led business that looked after the interests of their kind. Unknown to her, she was actually partially influenced by the disembodied spirit of her brother Tran. He later escaped her body and began his own machinations to destroy his sister leading to Xi'an first sending Dani Moonstar to track him only for her to be infected by a damaged Warlock. Afterwards, Xi'an sent a team headed by Illyana who eventually discovered the truth and managed to contain Tran though Xi'an forcibly commandeered her body to kill his essence so that it could return to her body. This caused Tran to use his and his sisters power to bring the Warlock infected Dani and make her create copies of the New Mutants that began to infect the others at the site. Tran intended to send the captives as test subjects but Karma's body became infected by Warlock. (New Mutants: Dead Souls v1 #6)


Personality and attributes

She came to hold mixed feelings about her father as she first hated him for sending them away on the boat that led to a chain of events which brought her mothers death. Years later, this changed and she came to believe she was being a bad daughter and being selfish at these thoughts. However, after the death of Susan she once more re-examined her life as she saw that her half-sister shared the same resentments as her. Xi'an noted that Da'o's case it twisted her whilst in her own it did not but acknowledged that this was a thin line to cross. Thus, she decided that she would not hate her father anymore but neither would she visit him for his crimes such as killing her half-sister. (Astonishing X-Men v3 #56)

Powers and abilities

After the death of Susan Hatchi, Xi'an came to inherit her company of Hatchi Corporation due to being her only living relative leading to Hatchi tech belonging to Karma and making her a billionaire. (Astonishing X-Men v3 #56)


  • Karma was created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller where she made her first appearance in Marvel Team-Up v1 #100 (December, 1980).

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