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Kathy Kane in the center in Spyral's web in Grayson v1 #19.

Kathy Kane is a female comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




Golden Age

The mysterious Batwoman in Detective Comics v1 #233.

Silver Age


Seeing his demise, Otto Netz decided to groom his two children that he had made namely Elisabeth and Katarina. The two sisters were to be his finest creations where at one point when they were ready they were to take his mental patterns into herself and become Netz reborn. Thus, this child would become Doctor Dedalus again as Spyder whilst the other would become the Leviathan to challenge the other. (Grayson v1 #14)

She made her way to the Batcave during Batman's fight with Talia al Ghul where she snuck in with no one noticing. During that moment, Kathy stated that Batman did not kill and shot a bullet into Talia's head thus killing her. She then reported to Spyral that their target was neutralized and told Bruce not to follow her as she did not exist whereupon she disappeared. (Batman Incorporated v2 #13)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Kathy Kane as Batwoman was created by Edmond Hamilton, Sheldon Moldoff, and Bob Kane where she made her first appearance in Detective Comics v1 #233 (July, 1956).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Kathy Kane did not appear in the animated series but in the episode "The Criss Cross Conspiracy!" a character with a similar role named Katrina Moldoff appeared where she was voiced by actor Vanessa Marshall. The character was visually based on Kathy Kane and the heiress to the Moldoff Circus fortune.
On his Formspring account, Brave and the Bold director Ben Jones stated that the decision to rename the character was due to DC Comics concerns that the episode's depiction of the character would have a negative impact on the new Batwoman comic book series, that was launched less than a month after the episode's initial air date.


  • In Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Kathy Kane did not appear in the animated direct-to-video film set in the DC Animated Universe. Instead, the identity of Batwoman was shared between three characters with one of them named Kathleen "Kathy" Duquesne voiced by Kimberly Brooks. The other two Batwoman that shared the role were Gotham Police Detective Sonia Alcana voiced by Elisa Gabrielli and Dr. Roxanne "Rocky" Ballantine voiced by Kelly Pipa. In the end, Kathy Duquesne entered into a romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne.


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