Kaufman, Paul

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Paul Kaufman, better known to his subordinates as Mr. K, was the man who owned Fiddler's Green and, in the minds of many, ensured the continued survival of civilization. It was he who commissioned Riley Denbo to construct Dead Reckoning and paid for the training of professional soldiers to defend the Green against attacks from zombies. But Kaufman was also a ruthless elitist who ruled with an iron fist and would tolerate no dissidents. He secretly paid Cholo DeMora and his cronies to murder and dispose of any would-be revolutionaries.

But when in return for his services Cholo wanted Kaufman to allow him to live in Fiddler's Green, Kaufman refused and tried to have him killed. And when Cholo escaped and stole Dead Reckoning, Kaufman was forced to call on Riley Denbo to get it back. But Kaufman had little faith in Riley, and was planning on making his getaway. When an army of vengeful zombies, led by Big Daddy, invaded the city and threatened to turn Kaufman's world upside-down, Kaufman betrayed his business partners and attempted to escape the city in his limousine, only to be waylaid first by Big Daddy and then an undead Cholo. Kaufman was immolated when Big Daddy doused the limo in gasoline and then set it alight.

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