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Kazuma Yagami is a male anime character that features in Kaze no Stigma.



Kazuma Kannagi was the elder son of Genma Kannagi and older brother to Ren Kannagi. His position in the family meant he was considered the heir to the clan who were a highly respected family of fire magic users after the progenitor made a contract with the Fire Spirit King. However, Kazuma lacked any magical talents of fire that were meant to be his heritage. His lack of any discernible fire abilities led to him being bullied by the other children in the Kannagi family. On one such occasion, he was saved by Misaoi Kannagi who served as a servant within the clan. This time culminated in a duel within the family where Kazuma had to battle with his cousin Ayano Kannagi for the sacred blade Enraiha. She would effortlessly defeat him leaving him scared as flames engulfed his body which indicated that he could not even protect himself from the clan's magical legacy. This act shamed his father who berated the boy for his failure and decided to exile him from the household. Kazuma begged his father to stay but was spurned and pushed aside with none in the family seeking to stand by his side. His other mother was unable to stop Kazume from leaving the household but her last gift to him was a credit card so he could finance himself now that he had to leave the home. After leaving home, he felt betrayed by the Kannagi's and decided to change his last name to Yagami in order to sever any ties with the clan and sought great power. As he grew, he travelled to a small town in China where he would get into constant trouble until he met a girl by the name of Tsui Ling. He would fall in love with her and decide to settle in that town where he abandoned his quest for power. He began to work part time at the restaurant with her where he also helped in odd job tasks as a freelancer. His love for Tsui-Ling led him to declare that he would forever protect her. However, she and Kazuma would be captured by members of the Armagest magical organization where Yagami was helpless to stop Tsui-Ling from being sacrificed to a demon. In despair, his desire for power to save Tsui-Ling manifested in the power to manipulate wind magic though it was too late to save his love. Afterwards, he would make the contract with the Spirit King of the Wind thus becoming the Contractor; a powerful wind magic user where he vowed to save the innocent. This saw him avenge the death of Tsui-Ling by killing the one responsible for the act before becoming a mercenary that travelled the world where he combated magical threats in exchange for money. At some point, Kirika Tachibana met Kazuma Yagami during this time where she noted him as being a ruthless combatant with a dark streak.

He later returned to Japan where he was hired by a wealthy man to exorcise a ghost from his home. When he arrived, he found his cousin Shinji Yuki from a branch family that was a practitioner of fire magic. Yuki attempted to exorcise the ghost but instead enraged it when it dispelled his fire magic. The desperate client begged Kazuma to rid his home of the creature that turned out to be a Youma. Kazuma forced the man to increase his reward many times over before he destroyed the Youma.


Personality and attributes

In his adulthood, he became a Contractor for the Spirit King of the Wind with this mark being shown in his eyes that were as blue as the azure sky.

As a child, he was said to had been terrified of his father who he saw as being unbeatable. He lived in fear of his father with him believing that his father pushed him around and ruled every aspect of his life. Though he resented the other children for bullying him, he felt eternally grateful to Misao for her one act of kindness in defending him. He was depicted as being caring and does not hesitate to protect those who were important to him.

Due to his past, he came to embrace his nature as the black sheep of the Kannagi family. He held a great deal of resentment and anger towards his father for his actions in exiling him from the family. As a Contractor, he decided to see whether he was strong enough to push back against his father. Despite his power, he was continuously looked down upon by members of the Kanagi family due to how he was seen as a disgrace for learning wind magic rather than fire magic, which was held to be superior, even though Kazuma was able to defeat his father.

Kazuma showed his egotistic side most of the time, probably due to him being too powerful in compared with others as stated by Ayano that he had forgotten how weak he used to be after being powerful. He developed a somewhat mercenary nature by adulthood where he made people increase their reward in order to deal with serious threats. Kazuma was direct and to the point where he not take orders from others with him pursuing his own interests. Kazuma was also anti-social in which he rarely interacted with others unless business was involved. Deep within himself, he was engulfed by solitude and sadness. The experience of losing his shelter, a place in family, and his beloved due to the sole reason of being weak which caused a tremendous torment to him that led him to seek power. Due to this, he became too powerful and overprotective in an effort to be able to protect those important to him and not to lose them again. Instead of having been born powerful, he was weak and suffered for it, and to become powerful he had to work for it and make sacrifices. As such, he had the arrogance of a person who had power but still understood the feelings of those who were weak. And while he would protect people who were naturally weak and had no chance of becoming stronger, Kazuma looked down on people who had the opportunity to become stronger, but choose to rely on others instead, and needs to basically be bribed into helping them. This was most predominant when it came to do with anything involving his family. Since every member had the power to wield fire, there should be very little reason for Kazuma to help, and his bitterness towards them makes him even more unwilling to step in.

Powers and abilities

Unlike the rest of his family, he lacked the ability to use "Enjutsu" (炎術?, Blaze Technique). By adulthood, he practiced himself making him skilled in hand-to-hand combat allowing him to evade attacks or disarm his foes. He had further developed fine senses allowing him to sense the auras of people following him.

As a "Fūjutsushi" (風術師?, Wind Technique Practitioner), he was able to manipulate the power of wind. He was entrusted by Kaze no Seirei-Ou the Spirit King of the Wind with the power of his domain. With its power, he was able to fly allowing him to transport himself and others over distances. Such was his power that he was able to use the wind to send strikes of wind like blades that could slice targets such as Youma. Alternatively, he could fire powerful blasts of air to detonate fire in order to hurt the wielders through the impact of the explosion.


  • The character was voiced by Japanese actor Daisuke Ono with Akeno Watanabe voicing him as a child and English actor Robert McCollum voicing him in the dubbed version.


  • Kaze no Stigma:

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