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Kdaptists is a religious belief that features in the Ringworld universe.



The Kdaptists traced their origin to the first of the Man-Kzin Wars where the Kzin were fighting against humanity. Humans were the only species that they had encountered to had repeatedly defeat their kind. This baffling yet humiliating outcome went against the tenents of their own religion that stated that they were pinnacle of creation in the universe. In one of these engagements, a fighter pilot by the name of Kdapt-Captain was captured by a Terran artificial intelligence system that was en-route to Alpha Centauri. This machine mind was known as the Catskinner that kept the Kzin captive in complete sensory deprivation where he was left with only the dead remains of his comrades. After several days, he was rescued by humans but his time alone led him to a discovery where he claimed to had seen God. The revelation greatly affected Kdapt-Captain who changed his name to Kdapt-Preacher who settled on Wunderland as a hermit. During this time, he would claim that the Kzin were not made in God's image but Humans were created by the deity.

In time, it would be considered a considered a minor religion though one not tolerated. Speaker-to-Animals told Louis Wu that he was raised by a Kdaptist but did not share their beliefs.


This religion went against the firm belief of Kzin faith that they were created in God's image. Instead, members of this faith held the view that Mankind was in fact made in God's image and espoused this view.


  • Kdapt-Preacher : a former fighter pilot captain once known as Kdapt-Captain until he was captured by the Catskinner and came to believe that God made Humans in his image. Afterwards, he became a hermit called Kdapt-Preacher who wore the skin of a Human in the hopes God would recognize him as one of His children and would spread the message of this new faith.


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