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Kessen-Chu are animals that feature in the anime Blade of the Immortal.



Kessen-Chu (Sacred Bloodworms) were a curious worm-like creatures that existed in the world. It was created by the Lama monks of Tibet who used it as a rare form of medicine that was treated to those that had yet to finish their missions in life. At some point, an old nun by the name of Yaobikuni had placed the bloodworms inside herself which allowed her to live for eight hundred years. She would later encounter the disgraced samurai Manji who had killed one hundred innocent men. As a result, Yaobikuni cursed him by placed the Kessen-Chu within his body and thus made him immortal. This caused him to continue living despite fatal wounds and blows made against him which left him yearning for true death. After the death of his sister, he vowed to kill 1,000 evil men as atonement for his past crimes to which Yaobikuni claimed that the bloodworms would leave his body thus allowing him to eventually die.


These organisms were capable of living within the bloodstream and tissue of a host where they adopted a symbiotic lifestyle. Once inside, they imparted powerful regenerative capabilities to their host and made them effectively immortal to the point that they did not age. Their regenerative powers allowed to heal all wounds sustained by the host, replace missing tissues or organs and even reattach severed limbs. Visually, the bloodworms effects were seen when the host was injured as a mass of wriggling of worms that operate as living sutures that heal the damage or reattached the severed limb. Though they provide great healing powers, the bloodworms were unable to repair injuries that were sustained prior to their implantation within a host. As such, such injuries were retained on the body and were beyond the capacity of the Kessen-Chu to repair.

Among the only way to kill a Kessen-Chu host was through the use of a specific bloodworm poison.


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