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The Key.

The Key was an artifact that featured in the movie Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight.


The Key was an ancient artifact that long predated the rise of Humanity and was present before the birth of the universe. At the time, there existed seven Keys each were in the hands of the Demons that existed in the formless void with the Keys focused in a circle that gave them great power. This was until God intervened and scattered the Keys after which he formed the universe with the Keys spread across the stars.

Millenia later, the Demons would work to regain the Keys and take back their dominance. Across the cosmos, they would locate six of the seven Keys with the last being on the planet Earth. There, it came into the possession of Jesus Christ and passed on from one person to the next; each time, avoiding the grip of the Demon Knight. This was a Human agent that was disguised as a Human that worked to regain the Key.

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